Fabricator / Welder


Fabricator / Welder



- Perform welding, cutting, and construction of custom parts with precision and expertise.

- Fabricate jigs to ensure repeatability and consistent quality across multiple parts.

- Conduct polishing, deburring, and surface preparation for powder coating or other finishing processes.

- Maintain clear communication with the purchasing manager to secure necessary components for each project.

- Demonstrate proficiency in interpreting work instructions and adhering to operating procedures.



- Exhibit excellent attention to detail to ensure the quality and accuracy of fabricated parts.

- Maintain a clean and organized work area while adhering to safety protocols.

- Possess reliability and collaborate effectively as a team player.


Additional Duties:

- Develop detailed build sheets for all fabricated parts to facilitate replication.

- Innovate solutions to streamline the fabrication process for increased efficiency.

- Capture photographs of completed parts to supplement build sheets.

- Properly label and store jigs by part number when not in use, storing associated hardware in the same container for easy retrieval.


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