J Swap Guide

This article will guide you through all the parts and steps necessary to do a J Swap into an EG,EK, or DC. The point of this article is to help simplify the process of doing a J swap. We will first start by providing the list, and below you will find more information about every item on the list.

-Engine J32A1 / J32A2 / J35A4
-Transmission J32A3 / J30A4 / J30A5
-Clutch & Flywheel Setup
-Shifter Box
-Shift Cables
-Fuel System
-Wire Harness

Engine: My recommendation on engine is a J32A2 from a 2001-2003 Acura CL-S or TL-S. The engine you want to use needs to be from an automatic vehicle. The cam and crank sensors on the Manual engines are different and the AEM does not support it. So make sure you get an automatic engine.

My 2nd recommendation for engine would be the J35A4. We try to source this engine from a 2003-2004 Honda Pilot.

Both of these engines can be sourced from a junk yard for well under $700.

Transmission: My recommendation for transmission is from a 2004-2006 Acura TL 6 speed manual. This transmission comes with a LSD which helps tremendously with the amount of TQ these engines put down. You can also source a transmission from a 2003-2007 Honda Accord V6 manual as well; however, these transmissions do not have an LSD. The accord transmission is normally cheaper and easier to find than a TL transmission.

When buying a transmission from the junk yard, a lot of the time its missing the slave cylinder and shifter cable bracket. We offer a billet version of the shifter cable bracket. For the slave cylinder we prefer to use the OEM Honda one.

You will also need a new clutch line for this swap.

We carry Hasport swap mounts.

Clutch Setup: There are quite a few options available now for Clutch and Flywheel. The easiest rule to follow is to order the Clutch Setup for the transmission that you have. Some of the newer J series transmissions have a different bell housing and if you order the wrong setup, you risk it not fitting.

Shifter Box & Cables: The easiest and cheapest solution is to use the 03-07 Accord V6 shifter box and shifter cables. And then use the P2R shifter box base plate.

Axles: Insane Shafts offers the axles for this swap making it very easy. You will need to source a half shaft from a 01-03 Acura CL-S, TL-S. It can be purchased from an automatic vehicle

Header: While the stock header from the J32A2 & J35A4 will fit just fine. They won’t help you make any power. Our big tube header has gains of nearly 30hp over the stock header.

Fuel System: We are offering plug and play fuel line kits for various vehicles. If you don't see your vehicle listed. Please feel free to reach out and we will help build a fuel system for your vehicle.

Wire Harness: We sell PJS Customs wire harnesses for various J swap applications. We also have a universal harness option which allows for you to easily get a J engine started up in just about anything.

ECU: Haltech Elite 750 is a plug and play option for use with the wire harness listed above. 

Alternator Belt: If you are not planning to have AC in your J Swap, then we have the proper length alternator belt as well. This 6 rib belt runs directly from the crank pulley to the alternator. No need to use a tensioner as the belt is the proper length for when the alternator is bolted down in its original location.