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P2R J Series Holley EFI Intake Plenum Adapter Kit

P2R J Series Holley EFI Intake Plenum Adapter Kit

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Finally, a bolt on Intake Manifold for J series using a Holley EFI Intake Plenum. Our kit includes Intake Manifold Adapter, Intake Manifold Gaskets, plenum gasket, vacuum fittings, and all necessary hardware. All vacuum ports are under the plenum for a clean look. For vehicles with Power Steering you may need to clearance the Adapter, and Holley Plenum. The kit does not include the Holley Plenum.

P2R Throttle Body Adapter is available for cable driven and drive by wire throttle bodies.
Please select the type of throttle body you are using.
*Cable driven will fit any J series cable driven throttle body or any B series Throttle body.
*Drive By Wire J37 / ZDX Throttle Body Adapter.
Drive by Wire J32/J35 Throttle Body Adapter which will fit all J series drive by wire throttle bodies except for the 3.7 throttle bodies.
*Mustang Throttle Body adapter allows use of the standard Mustang throttle body many use.

You can use any of the following Holley Plenums with our kit:
Holley 300-245
Holley 300-218
Holley 300-209

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